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Josh's Legislation

Moment of Silence


To require a moment of silence at the beginning of school each day in the state

Voter Integrity


To prohibit nonpublic funding sources for election administration and related expenses without prior written approval by the State Election Commission.

Anti-Graffiti Legislation


Providing criminal penalties for the intentional defacement of public and private property due to graffiti

Circuit Judges 2nd Amendment Rights


To allow circuit court judges with at least six years of service to conceal carry if they so desire

Civic Minded Mountaineer Scholarship Act


Josh has drafted a bill establishing the "Civic Minded Mountaineer Scholarship Act" to encourage students to participate and perform well in the newly-designated required testing of the United States Citizenship Examination at the conclusion of their Civics course. The goal of this bill is to promote the importance of educating young people on how the American system of government works. 

Anti-Beastiality Bill


Josh has drafted a bill establishing the Beastiality as a crime punishable under the law. Currently, West Virginia is one of the few states in the nation that currently has no laws on its books to criminalize Beastiality. Josh's bill, if enacted into law, would change this!

Home-Based Business Expansion


Josh has drafted a bill establishing the furthering of the rights of individuals to conduct the business of their choice from their home as long as they do not contradict municipal occupancy, parking, or noise restrictions. This bill frees up individuals from not being able to operate a very small business from their home. 

Resolution Establishing, "James C. Vickers Silver Star Highway"


Josh has drafted a resolution establishing the "James C. Vickers Silver Star Highway" in Wharton, WV to honor to heroic actions of Boone County native James Vickers, whose heroic efforts in the Korean War saved countless lives, resulting in a Silver Star award from President George W. Bush.

Resolution in Support of Nine US SCOTUS Justices


Josh has drafted a resolution urging the United States Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment in support of Nine Justices on the Supreme Court. 

Recovery Tax Credit 


Josh has drafted a bill to offer a tax credit to businesses in West Virginia that hire individuals who are currently under court-ordered drug court or any other state sanctioned substance abuse recovery program in order to reduce recidivism rates and to help lift individuals from addiction. 

Defunding all Abortion Funding in West Virginia


Josh has drafted a bill to follow the lead of Texas and stop the funding of abortion in the state of West Virginia through state corporations or Title X funding. 

Resolution Condemning Defunding the Police Nationwide and in West Virginia


Josh has drafted a resolution to follow the lead Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and to formally condemn any talks of  defunding the police in the state of West Virginia. 

Sponsored Legislation

2nd Amendment Nullification Bill

HB2159 (Original Sponsor Del. Joe Jeffries)

"relating to preserving and protecting the right to keep and bear arms; defining acts which constitute infringements upon the right to keep and bear arms; articulating the constitutional limits on these infringements and making findings in defense of the right; declaring all infringements under federal law or authority to be against the rights of the people and to be legally void..."

Broadband Expansion

HB2002 (Lead Sponsor Del. Daniel Linville)

"relating to providing the statutory framework to support, encourage, and expedite the expansion of broadband throughout the state of West Virginia;"

Cutting Healthcare Costs

HB2005 (Lead Sponsor Del. Dean Jeffries)

"relating to health care costs generally; providing a review process by the Attorney General’s office for nonprofit hospitals; providing for the regulation of out-of-state healthcare providers and non-network facility-based providers; providing for the disclosures of a healthcare facility and the publication of a carrier’s network; defining the responsibilities of a carrier inadvertent to out-of-state network services; providing for binding arbitration in the event of payment disputes; providing for healthcare savings cost calculations, violations and legislative rules; providing for price transparency and a publication of prices; and providing a cost of healthcare appointment prices."

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