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Promises Kept

Septe​mber 13, 2019

"When I'm elected to the West Virginia Legislature, I will always uphold our fundamental right to keep and bear arms!"​​

Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights 

  • Josh voted for HB2694, "Second Amendment Preservation and Non-Commandeering Act" which protects West Virginians from federal gun laws and unconstitutional executive orders. Signed Into Law

  • Josh voted for HB2499, "Elimination of sales tax for ammo and ammo manufacturers". Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2793, "Allowing out of state residents to obtain concealed carry". Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for SB458, "Relating to allowing possession of firearms by individuals during a state of emergency". Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4048 “Clarifying that people may lawfully possess loaded rifles & shotguns in their vehicles unless they are attempting to hunt wildlife. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4441, “Creating a Class M air rifle stamp”.

  • Josh voted for HB4616, “Remove sales tax on gun safes and certain firearm safety devices”

Investing in Infrastructure & Economic Development

  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB2002 which is an expansion of Broadband Internet expansion to free broadband providers from burdensome regulations and establish further connections throughout the state. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for $300M in Road and Bridge funding for our State including $2.99M for Boone County alone. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for SB42 “Creating the Zombie Property Remediation Act” which allows municipalities and the county commission to go through a legal process to clean up/remove abandoned properties to clean up our district. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2011 “Eliminating any Time Requirements for Part-Time Personnel to Work During a Working Year” which frees up part-time workers to expand their employment opportunities. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2001 “Creating the WV Jumpstart Savings Program”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for Economic Development Tax Credits for hiring more West Virginians for manufacturing jobs. 
  • Josh voted for HB2019 “Creating Economic Development and Tourism Cabinet Secretaries” while not increasing government spending.
  • Josh voted for HB3010, “To extend the special valuation method for cellular towers to towers owned by persons not subject to regulation by the Board of Public Works”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2290, “Initiating a State Employment First Policy to facilitate integrated employment of disabled persons”. Signed Into Law
  •  Josh voted for HB4003, “Commercial benefit of rare earth minerals removed from waters of the state by the treatment of mine drainage”. Became Law Without Governor's Signature
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4001, “Broadband Expansion Act of 2022”.
  • Josh voted for HB4002, “Creating the Certified Sites and Development Readiness Program”. Signed Into Law

January 26, 2020

"I will work with legislators and business leaders to discuss removing restraints to attract jobs to our district!"

September 9, 2019

"I am 100% Pro-Life and will never vote for Pro-Abortion Legislation like some politicians do!"

Protecting All Forms of Life

  • Josh voted for HB302, "Clarifying West Virginia's Abortion Laws", which bans Abortion in West Virginia with exceptions for Rape & Incest, or Medical Necessity. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2798, “Relating to requiring the Health Department to mandate (MPS1) test for newborn babies, to be known as Embie’s Law”.
  • Josh voted for SB468, “Creating Unborn Child with Down Syndrome Protection and Education Act”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh Sponsored and Voted for HB2830 “Relating to Sex Trafficking”, expanding services and access to information for child victims of sex trafficking. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB2671 “Relating to financial exploitation of elderly persons, protected persons or incapacitated adults”. Signed Into Law 
  • Josh voted for SB658, “Requiring sheriff's departments to participate and utilize Handle With Care Program for trauma-inflicted children”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh Sponsored and Voted for HB2982, "Second Chances at Life Act of 2021" which informs mothers seeking a chemical abortion of an abortion reversal pill option if they change their decision within the appropriate window of opportunity. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4004, “Limiting an abortion to fifteen weeks' gestation”.
  • Josh voted for HB4005, “Criminalizing the sale of non-donated fetal body parts” .

Actually Doing Something About the Drug Crisis

  • Josh was the Lead Sponsor & Voted for HB4457, “Providing tax credits for hiring those in recovery for substance abuse”.
  • Josh has established a working relationship with Lotus Recovery Centers in Comfort, WV.
  • Josh voted for HB4373, “To exclude fentanyl test strips from the definition of drug paraphernalia” which decriminalizes a life-saving tool. Signed Into Law
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB2918, "Family Treatment Drug Court Expansion" which expanded the drug court system throughout West Virginia. Signed Into Law

February 3, 2020

"I will work with rehabilitation leaders, medical professionals, and those in recovery to find the best solutions for our people."

January 26, 2020

"I will work to free the coal industry of burdensome regulations and work toward more effective ways to produce coal with miner safety as a top priority."

Coal & Energy

  • Josh sponsored and voted for 4825, "Black Lung Bill" to end the statute of limitations on how evaluations and claims to the Occupational Pneumoconiosis Board. 
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4479, "Establishing the Coalfield Communities Grant Facilitation Commission" which will help our local communities fund grant matches and fulfill development projects. 
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4491, “To establish requirements for carbon dioxide sequestration” which sets standards for carbon capture for economic development. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for SB262, “Prohibiting financial institutions engaged in boycotts of energy companies from doing business in West Virginia”. Became Law Without Governor's Signature
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HR18, "Recognizing the Importance of Coal-Fired Power Plants and Coal Resources to WV’s Future”. Enacted

  • Josh voted for HR19, “A resolution urging Congress and the President to pass federal legislation to speed up the environmental permitting process on new wells and mines". Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for SB542, “Relating generally to public electric utilities and facilities fuel supply for existing coal-fired plants”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for SB542 "Coalfield Communities Amendment" which sought to bring millions in funding to our region. 

Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and First Responders

  • Josh voted to FUND the Police by voting for a $10,000/year pay raise for State Police. 
  • Josh voted for HB4406, “To establish the West Virginia Military Hall of Fame”. Signed into Law

  • Josh voted for SB598, “Establishing partnerships and aid for at-risk veterans to combat suicide”. Signed into Law

  • Josh sponsored and voted for HR11, “Urging members of the United States Congress to enact federal legislation designating May 4 as Firefighters Day”. Adopted

  • Josh voted for HB4439, “Creating a special revenue account known as the Military Authority Reimbursable Expenditure Fund”.
  • Josh drafted a letter with 25 Delegates signing on, asking Governor Jim Justice to request funding for EMS agencies. 
  • Josh voted for HB2184, “Increasing the penalties for exposure of first responders to fentanyl or any other harmful drugs.
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4109, “To exempt EMS providers from Turnpike Tolls”.
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB2111, “Including emergency response vehicles in the single fee program for EZ Pass transponders”
  • Josh sponsored HB4390, “Establishing Medal of Valor for emergency medical service personnel, firefighters, and law-enforcement officers”
  • Josh sponsored HB4294, “Providing income tax credit for first responders”
  • Josh was the Lead Sponsor of a resolution condemning the 'Defund the Police' movement.
  • Josh voted for HB2770, “Including Home Confinement Officers in Definition of Law-Enforcement Officers”. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HCR84, “Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to study the declining population of military service veterans in West Virginia”. Enacted
  • Josh voted for HB3107, “Declaring that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosed by a licensed psychiatrist is a compensable occupational disease for first responders”.

Election Integrity

  • Josh's Bill HB4097, “To prohibit nonpublic funding sources for election administration and related expenses without prior written approval by the State Election Commission” also known as Zuckerbucks Bill. Signed into Law
  • Josh's Bill HB4299, “To prohibit the intentional interference with election processes and creating associated criminal penalties”. Signed into Law
  • Josh's Bill HB4312, “Extending the option of electronic absentee ballot transmission to first responders in certain emergency circumstances”. Signed into Law
  • Josh's Bill HB4311, “Creating felony for illegal voting activity” including double voting, resulting in up to 10 years in prison. Signed into Law
  • Josh sponsored HB4438, “Applying current requirements for certain voting systems to be disconnected from the internet to all voting systems that seek certification in West Virginia”. Signed into Law
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4293, “Prohibiting mass mailing of absentee ballot applications”.
  • Josh sponsored HB4518, “Relating to banning automatic voter registration”.

Protecting Individual Rights

  • Josh voted for HB2368, "Mylissa Smith Patient Protection Act" which protects the right of hospitalized individuals to visitation by a family member or minister. Signed Into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4012, "Prohibiting the showing of proof of a COVID-19 vaccination passport". Signed Into Law

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs 

  • Josh voted for HB2263 "Updating the Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers" which significantly lowers prescription drug costs.
  •  Josh voted for HCR86 “Study the recruitment and retention of Health Care Workers in West Virginia”
  • Josh voted for HB2024 “Expanding the use of telemedicine to all medical personnel”

  • Josh voted for price transparency for hospitals and prescription drugs so consumers can see where they can get the best deal possible.

  •  Josh voted for Health Department Oversight and rule approval by county commissions during a state of emergency.

July 18, 2020

"I support lowering prescription drug costs by removing government bureaucracy!"​


  • Josh voted for HB4065, “Allowing the Division of Natural Resources to teach hunter’s safety courses in school”. Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for SB498, “Creating Anti-Racism Act of 2022” banning Critical Race Theory’s toxic ideology in our schools.
  • Josh voted for a 5% pay raise for our teachers and service personnel. 
  • Josh voted for HB4024, “Creating a cosmetology apprentice program that allows companies to train employees for practical real-world experience” Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for SB704, “Allowing parents, grandparents, and guardians to inspect instructional materials in the classroom” Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for HB3073, “The West Virginia Emergency School Food Act” that will encourage county school systems to look for innovative ways to provide assistance to students in need to access nutritious foods during summer break and other times when school is not in session. Signed into Law
  • Stood with Teachers against SB509, “Changing School Employees Paid Leave Accrual”
  • Josh voted for SB529, “Encouraging additional computer science education in WV schools”. Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4355, “Requiring Higher Education facilities to disclose information regarding textbooks and digital courseware and charges assessed for those items”. Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4467, “Requiring early childhood classroom assistant teacher in certain grade levels and enrollment levels in said grade levels”.
  • Josh voted for HB4510, “To provide that third-grade students be competent in reading and math before moving on to fourth grade”. 
  • Josh sponsored HB4304, “To provide that out of school suspensions be considered “excused” absences”.
  • Josh was the lead sponsor HB4096, “To exempt school buses from toll fees in West Virginia”.
  • Josh voted for HB2013, "Relating to the Hope Scholarship Program" to the taxpayer's money back into their hands for the educational choice that is best for their child. This program is heavily regulated by the Treasurer's office and each purchase must be approved by the Treasurer's office.
  • Josh voted for SB636, "Requiring Certain Civics and History Courses be Required in Schools".

  • Supported Teachers by Voting NO on devaluing teaching requirements by loosening requirements to become a teacher. 

  • Supported Teachers by Voting YES on HB2145 “Student Aide Titles” to open up pay grades for these titles. 

  • Supported Teachers by Voting NO on bill to fire and penalize teachers who strike.

  • Josh voted for Virtual and In-Person public charter school opportunities for students if these schools decide to invest in West Virginia to expand access to quality education in our state which spends near the top and ranks near the bottom in education.

  • Josh voted to prohibit discrimination against homeschool or private school students applying for public vocational school. 

  • Josh voted for SB356, "Allowing for Written Part of Driver's Exam Given in High School Driver's Education Course".

January 26, 2020

"I support Public and Private school choice because parental decision making is key to educational success!"

February 27, 2020

"If government can be removed, remove it. If it doesn't have to be involved, don't involve it. Working families deserve to keep their earnings and not be taxed for the thoughtless spending of politicians."

Lowering Taxes

  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4450, “Eliminating the $0.50 motor voter fee for drivers license renewals”. Signed into Law

  • Josh voted for SB656, “Providing tax credit for certain corporations with child-care facilities for employees”. Signed into Law

  • Josh voted for HB4007, “Reducing Personal Income Tax by 10%”.
  • Josh sponsored HJR107, “Increasing the Homestead Exemption for Seniors”. 
  • Josh voted for HB3300 (House Version) Income Tax Plan that raised NO taxes and cut government spending and stood against other plans that simply shifted taxes.
  • Josh voted for HB2760 “Economic Development Incentive Tax Credits”
  • Josh voted for HB4007, "10% Personal Income Tax Deduction"


  • Josh voted for HB3220, “Adding more restrictions on Taxpayer-funded lobbying”. Signed into Law

  • Josh voted for SB261, “Requiring video cameras in certain special education classrooms”. Signed into Law

  • Josh voted for HB4794, “Requiring counties provide fiscal information for State Auditor’s WV Checkbook website”. 
  • Josh posts his entire voting record on his website and Facebook Page for public viewing. 
  • Josh voted for HB2573, "Relating Generally to the Transparency and Accountability of State Grants to Reduce Waste, Fraud, and Abuse"

Broadband Internet

  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB2002, "Related to Broadband Internet Expansion"

September 11, 2019

"I will fight for Broadband Internet in areas across our district where there is limited or no access."

Law and Order

  • Josh voted for HB4847, “Requiring Immediate Action for Missing Persons over the age of 75 and more”. Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4377, “To update the involuntary commitment process”. Signed into Law
  • Josh sponsored and voted for HB4600, “Making it a felony for a “Person in a Position of Trust” to assault, batter, or verbally abuse a child, or neglect to report abuse they witness”. Signed into Law
  • Josh voted for HB4032, “Increasing the criminal penalties imposed on a parent, guardian or custodian for child abuse”
  • Josh voted for HB2363, “Best Interests of the Child Protection Act of 2021” which establishes that 50/50 custody of children should be the goal barring preventing circumstances. 
  • Josh voted for SB434, “Requiring Training for Law-Enforcement Officers Responsible for Investigating Crimes of Sexual Assault”
  • Josh voted for HB3304 “Authorizing the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation to establish a Reentry and Transitional Housing Program”
  •  Josh voted for and sponsored HB2830, "Relating to Sex Trafficking"
  • Josh voted for HB2094, "Juvenile Restorative Justice Programs"
  • Josh voted for SB361 "Extending Supervision for Conviction of Soliciting a Minor and Using Obscene Matter with Intent to Seduce a Minor"

Term Limits

  • Josh voted for HCR9 "Term Limits for Congress" as promised

January 25, 2020

"I have proudly signed the Term Limits for Congress pledge and will vote accordingly!"

Standing up to President Biden

  • Josh voted for SCR55, “Respectfully urging Biden administration to open federal lease sales onshore and offshore for oil production”.
  • Josh was the Lead Sponsor of resolution honoring the legacy of President Donald J. Trump and his commitment and love for West Virginia.
  • Josh signed Del. Kessinger’s Letter urging Senator Joe Manchin to cast his deciding vote against Biden’s cabinet appointment of Anti-Israel Colin Kahl.
  • Josh signed a letter urging President Biden to take control of the crisis on our southern border.
  • Josh drafted a letter to Senator Manchin and the West Virginia Congressional Delegation with over 50 legislators from across the state, urging against DC statehood.

January 21, 2021

"I will stand strong against the radical agenda of the Biden Administration and their attempts to erase the legacy of President Donald J. Trump!"

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